How We Get Our Stuff

We get our books through trades and donations from the community. By trade, we mean we give about 35% credit toward store purchases for books in the store. Since most of our books cost between 3 and 7 dollars, that works out to about a dollar or two per book. Not all books are eligible for store credit. We are pretty well stocked, so if something is too common, we probably won’t give you credit.

We Generally accept most books as donations, however(We don’t accept damp or mildewy books, or any books with similar issues). If you are moving to a smaller home, or going through a similar life changing event, your treasured books can become a problem if you don’t feel like trying to sell them. If you’re in that type of situation, email us at, and we can solve one of the big headaches of moving-What will I do with all my books? We’ll be sensitive because we know you love your books, or loved the person the books belonged to.